Detoxification is the initial stage of the rehabilitation process where all the traces of drugs and alcohol from the body are removed. Health practitioners at the facility here, examine the individual’s unique body composition, metabolism and the particular drug used by the client, and under the supervision of the concerned medical staff, endeavor to make detoxification a thoroughly secure process. This process is important in helping the body get rid of toxins that may interfere with its normal functioning.

At the Awakening rehab foundation, detoxification is a two way process. Under the supervision of a qualified psychiatrist, certain medicines are provided to the clients (medicines differ based on the kind of substance used) that help with easing the symptoms of withdrawals and/or diminish the intensity of the withdrawals. Detoxification, in this facility, is also carried out through diet (tailor made by the dietician) and by providing specific juices. This two way process ensures that the quitting window becomes easier to deal with.

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